Thursday, September 2, 2010

Back in the game

After overseas for a week to Taiwan, I am back.. and this time around, pumping up more team-teaching sessions in Celebrity Fitness while I give True Fitness a break due to the "tensions" in there..

I'll be having a team-teaching class in Celebrity Fitness Midvalley tomorrow evening as above.. At first I wanted to do older releases stretching as far back as a few years, but then again I thought, one night might not be enough to learn up a new track and deliver it to the best ability.. I had initially wanted to do Release 39 Track 1.. which is about 6 releases ago.. But anyway, scrapped - as I will just do my training release... R43..

Talking about learning new tracks, I have not even mastered the newest release yet! Oh how lazy of me!!

The launch will be held in True Fitness Giza, 4th Sept at 10am, while in Celebrity Fitness Midvalley it's at 5.30pm the same day..

I will be attending both launches, not permitted to teach yet..


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