Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bodycombat 50 is off!!!

I launched BC50 by myself tonight..

Overworked on my chorey but I guess I had some "choke" moments.. choke here means that you know it well, you practised it often, you know it from within heart, yet by the time you perform it, nothing comes out.. happens usually to athletes when their performances are underpar than normal... so yeah..

Screwed up some chorey but people say its okay if its the first time or first few times doing it.. but I try very hard not to.. I think I screwed up because I stopped counting and relying on the music.. and when my own coaching drowns the music, thats a big problem.. I had to reduce the mic volume 4 times the whole class! Dropping it by half from what I began with...

Cos the music at the end of the class isnt packing that much intensity.. in fact, track 5 was the highest intensity I think with all the power punches.. gosh.. that really shook the whole studio...

But all in all - I think BC 50 is really tough to teach.. or maybe because its only the first class I am doing?

Haha... will include some of it on Thurs' fitness marathon whereby I am doing a 15-min demo.. NOW THINKING WHAT TO REMIX!!!

Argh... just spent one week studying BC50 and now I have to remix and prepare the demo .. first time also...



  1. Did 50 a few times since it was launch in the gym, had a hard time learning the choreo. It was challenging to coach as well, less breaks, more complicated strings of moves, esp MT. *pants* nevertheless a great workout!! :)
    Whats ur favorite track/s from 50?

  2. Yeah.. muaythai has got not much time for transition...

    My fav tracks?
    All except 4 and 6.. I have never liked 4... 6 depends.. but since got esquiva = auto hate.

    I guess my best tracks in BC50 has got to be in T1, T2 and T3..