Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Halloween Bodycombat

It was an awesome, awesome Halloween Bodycombat!!

The pictures will be slowly making its way into facebook with the multiple photographers around... but for myself.. this is what I dressed myself in..

It was a white Renoma basics tee, an old one that is.. I just cut loose the edges.. tore the sleeves a little, cut some holes in the front and back... and then prepare the red color... At first, I thought I want to wash it off, that's why I use chili sauce to make..

I only remember to snap the front, forgotten about the back, but I am sure, facebook will have at least one pic which shows my back!

But after pouring, then I realised I could do more, then I started cutting holes.. I could have used red paint instead, but I thought it's easier to wash if it's just chili sauce, if I would want to have the tee back in white..

But I threw it away after class.. lol...

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