Friday, October 15, 2010

Momentarily Break

I was taking a break from teaching owing to an injured toe when I accidently kicked against a roadside pavement, resulting in a chipped toe-nail with a deep cut and bruises along my feet.. That was one hell of a cut because the pavement is made of granite and was very coarse..

This was after I clean the wound.. the blood was still flowing then... Took a good 3 days to completely stopped bleeding..

I am not sure if I can be back on stage next week... depends...

I actually miseed being on stage...



  1. AHHHhhhhh ouch! Sorry to hear about your toe!
    Hope it heals up fast (for your halloween combat coming up :) ).
    Take care,

  2. Hey dear, thanks!

    It's recovering very well.. I'm looking forward for a short getaway to the mountains tomorrow..

    Will update on the halloween combat soon on Nov 1!