Thursday, July 1, 2010

Team-teaching BodyCombat 44

I have booked some slots already, this time in True Fitness, Fitness First and Celebrity Fitness over second half of July.. Once approved, I will post them up..

To me, BC44 is a lot easier compared to BC43 in many ways.. I am still struggling with BC43 actually to be honest.. I FAILED to catch the beat in BC43-T8, the power training 3.. I have never really like track 8 in any release actually..

The T8 in BC44 is so much easier.. and its fun to "cheat" members that it's the last round but yet we know there's 2 more rounds to go.. the music plays a big part here.. No need to talk alot also.. just go with the flow of the music..

I have a profound love for all track 9 in all release.. It's super cool that works the abs, upper and lower abs, and then push up (or sometimes you dont even have push up!).

And I have something important coming up end of the month which is my clearance in True Fitness.. I feel I am ready (or I might be ready) to do the clearance.. But I will not reveal the date until it is over because I want the class to go on as normal without any exponential increase in attendance..

The clearance is very important to me... lets hope I will not screw it up hahaha!!


  1. i'd say BC43-T8 more explosive compare to BC44-T8, slow and steady....cheat member?? those who already did more than 3 times c u still can cheat or not?

  2. @Paul: hahaa,.... still! There is a way :P

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  4. actually i think 43-8 tougher in terms of power. 44-8 is tougher in terms of endurance. so it's 2 very different requirements.

    and i used to receive very good advice from a senior: listen to the music until you vomit the chorey and your ears bleed. Then like that you can never miss the musical cues and you know where to pre-cue and all that.