Tuesday, June 1, 2010

TT in Taipan

I have been TT-ing for the um... 3rd week now, and I still have a loooooooong way to go to get things right..

Taught in Taipan tonite and together with me is someone shadowing.. So as I did Tracks 4 and 5, she shadowed me.. For a while, and for the first time, for an unqualified instructor, someone is shadowing me!! But I guess this only happens this one very particular time.. It can be years before someone is allowed to shadow me in the future.. years, yes..

The shoot -  I still have perfection problems.. To execute EACH shoot perfectly and in perfect angle, perfect timing, perfect cueing.. Imagine 4 whole rounds of shoot, by the time you reach the end of round 3, you practically cant feel your butt anymore.. What's more to maintain the same level of physique through round 4!

Track 5 was fine because it was my other assessment track.. I have been assessed before in this track and I agree I have progressed so much since training day 2 till today.. I kept the energy level high, really high, screamed into the mic to push members..I have never been so high before, and despite all that, I forgot one minor thing - to preview and precue in the first round of bodyrip.. ARgghhhH!!!! So busy giving follow-up cue that I missed the preview!!

And it's official - once BC44 is launched in True Fitness, I may or may not be allowed to shadow, depends on the headteacher on my performance.. No team-teach of BC44 will be allowed until week 3.. So 19 June onwards I will not be teaching until early July - when my video certification and TF assessment is due..

I have to warn here, tracks of highlights are...........T4 double shoot is nothing.. It looks complicated but it's actually easier than BC43 shoot.. T6 - Balancing.. need to have VERY strong butt muscles to carry out the balancing, on 3 levels, and hold.. T8 - is going to make your shoulders drop off from the jabs.. It's more than 128 jabs for sure.. T9 - the komodo dragon walk with modified alligator push up.. the push up part is easy, wait till the 4 levels of triangular choke, using abs muscles to lift the hip in level 3 and then lift and rotate the hip in level 4 while maintaining the legs as well as dropping it, the "choke"... This is when I think most members, 90% are likely to stop..

Ok ok.. enough about BC44 for now hehehe...

My next team-teach class is in TF Hartamas - this Wednesday 2 June, at 7am in the morning!!

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