Monday, June 14, 2010

Launching week

My week will be a blast as I'm given the opportunity to present 2 tracks at this quarter's tuition.. I am attending both session and will present one track at each session :)

For Mon's tuition, I am presenting Track 3.. hook and upper with jabs, and bobs..
For Wed's tuition, I am presenting Track 9.. the komodo dragon crawl with modified aligator push up.. and triangular choke.. I will choke on this..

This Sat is the launching and CF and FF is also launching on the same date - 19th June. All simultaneously, good la...

Paul Joo is expected to come for the launching in KL, aren't you Paul? For non-TF members, you are also invited to come for the launch.. It's for members and GUESTS...


Launching BodyCombat 44.. And it will be awesome (hard!!).. lol... ordinary people doing extraordinary things - this is the tagline for the release.. and... stay with the fight!!

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