Friday, May 28, 2010

My journey

I started out in Bodycombat in early 2007 in the then California Fitness (now taken over by Celebrity Fitness) Malaysia.

Initially, it was just once-a-week kinda thing.. after a couple months, I thought I wanted to take up the instructor training which was held in KL.. So I submitted my application form to CF for endorsement.. Little did I know, the "friend" whom I was supposed to sign-up with, caused a lot of problem for me, in the end, not only I didn't get my application endorsed, I also cut off friendship ties with this so-called friend.. He himself didn't even sign-up for it..

Think of it as a case of the Aesop's Fable - "the dog who doesn't want its shadow to have the bone", if anyone can remember that story clearly..

I was disgusted by his tactics.. So, for the next couple months, I stopped going to gym or class because I don't want to see him..

After a while, I thought, that's so foolish of me!

And then I began to regularly attend at least 2-3 BC classes a week faithfully.. I waited for another 2 years before opportunity knocks again in March 2010..

That's when I seize the opportunity to sign up once more, but this time, I went to True Fitness instead for endorsement.. I don't give a fuck about Celebrity Fitness.. True Fitness gave me their fullest support and the rest were history..

In preparation for the training, I attended 9 BC classes a week, once on weekday and twice on Sats and Sundays. I have conditioned my body to accept the pain and worked on endurance..

And so on April 23-25, the Bodycombat Instructor Module Training was held in True Fitness USJ Taipan, and me, together with 17 others from various countries, underwent 3 days of vigorious training and education, and all of us passed the training..

Looking back, it was bittersweet success, as I have to wait for 3 years before opportunity knocked again (in 2008 and 2009, there was no module training in Kuala Lumpur, it was all in other countries).

After the training, I took a week's rest before I began to shadow senior instructors in True Fitness, doing an average of 2-3 classes a week.. After 2 weeks (or 5 classes) of shadowing, I informed the headteacher I am ready to began team-teaching and the fifth shadow class was with him, hence, after the class, we talked a little and he gave the green light for me to start team-teach..

I am still in the midst of team-teaching, 2 classes a week due to the timing and the restrictions on which instructors that I am allowed to team-teach with..

Moving forward, I probably have the entire June to continue working on my techniques and vocal as well as coaching, before I am due to go for clearance in True Fitness to earn the license to teach solo-ly, and in July, I am due for video certification by Les Mills Asia Pacific - the ultimate certificiation to be internationally recognised as a qualifed instructor..

That's my aim.. July..  :)

This Sunday, I am attending my first quarterly workshop which includes masterclass and education session for Bodycombat 44, the new upcoming release which I will also be teaching as soon as it's launched..

In the meantime, this is my remainder team-teaching schedule before BC44 is launched.


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