Monday, May 31, 2010

Bodycombat 44 Workshop

Attended my first Quarterly Workshop in Twin Towers Fitness Centre today.. BodyCombat 44 was awesome!! I'm so looking forward to teach it! The double shoot is no problem!

I guess the problem for me is Muay Thai T7.. Those of you who have done BC44 class (Australia? Hong Kong?) will know what I mean.. the komodo-dragon-with-a-modified-alligator-push-up, in track 9 conditioning, to me, is easy, but I don't think its easy to execute for most people..

Now that I have done the class, I wonder if I should do my video in BC44, because BC43 now seemed like so much easier!!!

I'm on the far right, with the 3 of the presenters and some of True Fitness instructors
As usual, I am usually the odd one out :P

My very own mic pouch

Why do I need my own mic pouch when there's one in the studios at all times?

It's because I sweat a lot, I mean, A LOT, and after I am done using the mic pouch, it's totally wet and even though it's made of non-absorbant materials, I swear I still can squeeze out sweat from it!! hahaha.. my singlet I can squeeze out a cup of sweat.. :)

Amazing, isn't it?

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